My 12.1" screen experience

Had a stack of trouble getting the 12.1" panel to stay on in retro-pie. Eventually hdmi_safe=1 seemed to solve it, so then iterating through the config params that this sets by default it seems that the following two lines magically made it work…


Which is effectively forcing 720p at 60hz…

Anyone else had any experiences with this screen?

I have the 12.1" screen. Isn’t the native resolution 1024x768 ? The screen provided EDID info seems to be wrong anyway as it started up in the wrong resolution, so on my 12.1" screen I did


I also set


Yeah, I would expect 16 to work, but it gives me weird green ghosting all over the place…

Tried 9 since I wrote this post (800x600 @ 60hz), thats works fine… it should be able run at 1024x768 though…

Did you try with and without the hdmi_safe with 1024x768 ?

Works fine on my panel at least.