My display Hyperpixel 2.1 round doesn't visualize the desktop

Hi, I have a problem with my hyperpixel 2.1 round display. I’ve follewed the instructions that the site of Pimoroni gives, but he can’t visualize the desktop. When I do the reboot on the display I can see the loading screen of the raspberry os, but then he “turns off”
The display is on but I have to see the desktop on it and that doesn’t happen. It seems on but it can also be only the connection of + and - of the power supply, I don’t know if is really on or is only that, because when I power the raspberry connected to the display it always already turn on. I’ve already asked chat gpt the problem but every solution didn’t bring to any solution. What can I do to solve the problem?

I faced this issue too and recording here in case it helps somebody else.

Setup: pi zero 2W + Hyperpixel 2.1 + Raspbian Bullseye 32 bit

Installed python drivers and examples

Changed this line

to this line

in /boot/config.txt

Now desktop shows and examples work