My Sparkfun sound detector has stopped working

I have been building this project :

and once I received all the parts, I tried it out, and yes it did indeed work as it should. I then left it alone untill I could find a suitable location to place it, and got on with another project.

Now, after connecting the power source and the led strip, I noticed that the sound detector was not lit up, by the red led. I then checked the voltages and paths for errors and there were none, and the 3.3volts was read across the vcc pin and ground, but no led light to show it is working.

It has only had about 20 minutes of use, and now doesn’t work for some reason.

Anybody have any ideas as to why

As you followed a Sparkfun tutorial you might find someone who can help on their forums:


Thanks, but as I bought it from Pimoroni, I thought I’d ask or post here first.