Networking query

Hi all

Me and my 12 year old son have just got our Mega kit and loving it. We’ve got Rockpool going fine on the Pi but it took a long time to find the IP on my Macbook. Would it be better if we created a static IP for the Pi? I’ve noticed once connected, Rockpool goes much better on the Macbook, it was quite laggy when using the web app on the Pi itself ((noticeable delays on the touch buttons etc).



This is fixed in our ShipShape update, so don’t worry about tweaking your network settings. As long as your Pi/Macbook are connected to the internet, they’ll use our discovery service and find your dock like magic.

The new ShipShape update will also run faster on the Pi. But it’s really pushing the Pi browser to the limit, specially if you run it full-screen on a large display. It’s pretty comfortable on the official touch screen though.

Thanks Gadgetoid - we we’re running Pi on 32 inch TV so that explains a lot! When will ShipShape ‘set sail’ ?