New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Just been in touch with my vinyl printer who requires the template in .ai format for accuracy. Anyone has it for the current Picade model please? Thanks a lot!

Dear angel77lopez,
your designs are fantastic!!
Please, can you send me “Sepinho Mix 1” and “Sepinho Mix 2” in high quality? (if possible without holes, I have new Picade and I cut them when is placed on the control board).
Sorry for my English, many thanks!

Hey all! @angel77lopez - These are fantastic designs. I don’t know what one to pick! Are you able to send me or upload a few generic ones? (Picade 1, with the single button on the sides and an 8" screen.)
Kind of like the Full Attack one! I’m hoping for the marquee, bezel and button panel if possible.

Thanks so much and please let me know how I can be of any assistance!


What number post are you referring to?

Man, I had it and lost it when I had to sign in…#363?

The Sega ASTRO city one

It’s not a SEGA one. It’s a generic Reptropi one. The file name is Full Attack I think it’s post #363. If I could attach the low res one I would. Let me go thru the thread again and see if I can find it.
Thanks :))))

356/357/358/359. Im not sure which post. but really any of those in HD with a bezel would be great. I would prefer the last one, I think it’s 359. Also its full ATTRACT (not full attack).
I really appreciate it!

I see it. Post 357…on me your email.

What is your email?..

Unknown243 (@) Gmail dot com

Thanks. So. Much!!
A million kudos. Can I donate somewhere?

Well apparently I don’t know my own email. I edited before. is correct.

Thanks again !!

OK I will get it to you to ogbt. I am. Moving and I need to hook up my pc.

No worries! Take your time, and good luck with the move :))

@angel77lopez I’m new here. I’ve been trying to print this using a cricut maker cutting machine but apparently the size is too big so I guess I’ll have to use cardstock through my printer. When you get a chance could you send me the files for donkey kong and pacman. I bought my picade a month ago so it’s fairly new. It’s the 8 inch screen. My email is
Thanks and keep up the good work.

I sent it to you…

I sent it to you……

Thanks a lot. Was hoping it would work on the wife’s cricut machine but says it’s too big so I’ll have to print it on my printer

What software do you need to print these out

I don’t print them. I took mine to my local print shop. As reference I took the art work my picade came with.