New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Wow that is beautiful. What printing service was this? Did they get it exactly right? What did you have to tell them? Looks lovely. Enjoy it.

I used ebay user “dma586”. Send him the photoshop file and he’ll tell you what service to order on eBay.
He got it exactly right. He was very helpful and it was pretty cheap.

Here’s my first attempt.
Might not be the best format but it will get the job done when i print it on A4 photo-paper :)

Looks good man. Keep it going.

Hi, is there any “NES” Artwork with side for 10" !

Like this bartop:

Or: Super Mario

Or: Captain America

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Hi, that look amazing! Can you please send me the upload link or files for 10" with side art.


Here is an updated Captain America set that I did. I mostly copied the art of another forum member (post 768). I hope he is ok with that. I will be changing the art on my Avengers PiCade with this set in the near future.


Very Very Very Nice 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Thx from Coratia!!!

Dear all,
I’m not very practical with this things but i’ve tried to do some work on the basis of templates on pimoroni github, and this is the results… But i’ve print this in A4 Standard but the dimension not fitting the reality.
if someone can help me i will appreciate thanks!

P.S. i have the PICADE version 2018/2019

Hey. Your work is awesome. Thanks for doing it. You think you could email me the latest Donkey Kong for the 8 inch? If not, no worries. carpiedoodle@hotmail

You asking for the new picade 8 inch?

Yes. Thanks very much.

Send u tomorrow…

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I made a cardboard model 2:1 and I will definitely make stickers with the Captain america Theme as soon as my 10 "picade arrives.

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Appreciate it! Thanks again.

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Just sent it to you.


Hi, here also the cardboard NES model just to see what your Picade might look like

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