New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Your cardboard models look better than my actual picade. ;)

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Hello, I’ve read this thread a few times as whilst building a Picade for a friends 40th. Am I correct in thinking that a corrected version of the Marvel Super Heroes artwork is post #558 (accounting for the screen being the wrong way round on the template) wasn’t posted? I saw updated side art later on but I have a new 8" Picade so would love to have the bezel.

I’ve tried to adjust it in Photoshop but it was beyond my limited skills! @Wheelhorse

Galaxy ][ was my favorite, the Epoch clone of invaders. That was my first table top video game and many good memories of pretending my blanket fort was a spaceship as I played.

Do you have the PDFs for this so I can print it out for my picade?

Is that Marvel Super Heroes suitable for printing?

Hi @Wheelhorse

That’s absolut amazing MK decals. Can you tell me in which format I have to print these side to get the best fit on my upcoming picade? A3 maybe? Greatings ✌️

Thx @Wheelhorse. Everything fits perfect! 👌

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Looks great!! Thank you for posting the picture!!

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Hi everyone

I’m just looking for some help or information. I’ve just ordered an 8" PiCade and wanted to jazz up the machine with original arcade Punch-Out!! marquee and control panel artwork.

I can see there’s a rather handy PDF file but I’m not at all good with graphic design and wondered if any of you could advise how I can correctly create the images to take to my local printers (I don’t have PhotoShop)

I’ve attached an image of the control panel file I want to amend and drop into the template. Any help is gratefully received!

Thanks in advance


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@Wheelhorse that looks amazing! Thank you so much for sorting that!

Damn wheelhorse you killed it again. Beautiful.