Noise when using pimoroni speaker phat with raspberry pi zero w

I am getting a lot of noise when using the speaker phat with raspberry pi zero w. Previously i had no issues. But recently i had used hw pwm to control motors along with speaker phat. The problem has appeared since. How can i fix this.


Check for pin conflicts. If your motor controller is using some of the same pins the speaker pHat is using that’s likely your issue.

Speaker pHAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

PWM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

I disconnected the motor controller. Still i am getting noise. Also there is this message appearing on the desktop failed to load overlay i2s-mmap on bullseye. I also tried buster but the issue persists.

Fresh, started from scratch, installs?

Yes, lot of noise on fresh install of bullseye and buster. Could i have damaged the speaker phat by running hw pwm motors and speakerphat simultaneously.

It would seem that’s what happened?