pHat Speaker incompatible with pigpiod?

Hi !
I have a Pi Zero W with a pHat Speaker attached. It works great so far.
But as soon as I start pigpiod (pigpio V60) the pHat starts cracking and the current consumption rises from ~100mA to over 500.
Are there any compatibility issues with pHat Speaker and pigpiod?

btw … There is nothing else attached than the pHat.
And I start it with “sudo pigpiod

I need both of them because I have to driver 7 servos with the Pi …

Hope on any help

Hi @all,

got en email from the pigpiod developer. And he told me that this is an issue with the PCM / PWM hardware.

So if anyone got this problem … The solution is to start pigpiod in this way:
sudo pigpiod -t 0