Octocam woes!


Got my octocam in the post today. Spent all afternoon trying to get the Wifi to work (long / complicated password caused problems) but now at least I know it’s connecting to the internet and that’s working.

The problem is that when I follow the step in the instructions to boot it up for the first time, I can’t get the address to connect to anything in my browser. I type it in but then it’s just loading and loading and no page ever loads.

Any idea how to solve this?

Update: I finally managed to get in! I have a bunch of comments that I’ll write up for the instructions, since they’re likely useful for someone else, but it’s 1am now and I must sleep!

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Story of my life :D

Glad you’re up and running. MotionEyeOS is definitely a tricky beast, and i’m sure your comments will be useful to someone!

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