Operating Conditions for Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Quality

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I am a student working on a project and was wondering what the operating conditions were for the:

Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Quality

By operating conditions, I specifically mean, under which temperatures and humidity can I use the product and trust the data that is collected? Can it survive in higher humidity conditions, such as inside an infant incubator, where humidity is usually above 50% and temperatures are regulated at about 27 degrees C?

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Links to the data sheets for the various sensors are posted on the product page.
That may be a good place to start.

However, if you want to do something that could affect a baby’s life then I think you should look at other posts about reliability of the readings.
For example Enviro+ readings unrealiable

My view is that anything serious requires properly calibrated, tested and frequently revalidated equipment - and I would not put Enviro+ into those categories.

If it’s just going to be used to collect data in that specific environment, I don’t see an issue. If there is going to interaction that affects that environment, specifically the baby incubator, I wouldn’t go there. You want military spec equipment for such things.

I worked on infant incubators like this Air Shields C-100:

Air Shields C86

First, maybe you should look at the Enviro. It’s like the Enviro+ but without the gas sensor. I can’t find any humidity specs for the Enviro but it should be able to handle humidity up to 100% (non-condensing).

Disclaimer: The Enviro is NOT medical quality and should NOT be used to replace or override any control or safety functions of the incubator.

I found a link to a service manual for the C-100. It was one of the most popular units ever made. It might help.