Phat Dac hassle

After carefully soldering the pins for my Phat Dac and following the installation instructions from Pimoroni, I find that I cannot open my Chromium Web Browser. I can open the net from the command line but that is not very practical. Even with the Phat Dac removed from my Raspberry pi 3+, the problem still persists. Any advice most welcome and gratefully received. Mick Phillips

I’m not the most experienced with this, but here’s some thoughts.

  1. It’s hard to think of how a few pins might impact something so specific in the software as launching a browser. Can you install a test OS different SD Card and see if you have any problems

  2. Moving past #1, I’d wonder if there were any connected pins in your solder job that would be sending a signal to the Pi that would cause that problem. Can you post a close up photo of the board, specifically the solder work?

Thanks for taking the time to post a reply to my Phatdac problem. Your first suggestion turns out to be correct, as I decided to load a new OS a day or two ago. All systems are now go. Again, thank you for your response and best wishes.