PHAT DAC Setup problems

So, finished soldering my pimeroni pi zero and phat dac.

Tried the one line installer and get “-failed to connect to port 443”

Followed the manual setup at

reboot to no sound. From desktop select audio device settings and get “No ALSA audi devices were detected”

Continuity checks on the soldering is fine on all pins, when powered AVO shows 5V between pins 2 & 39.

Any advice?

That usually means there’s something wrong with the software- the word “detected” is a little misleading, because the DAC is a write-only device it’s impossible for the Pi to determine if it’s there or not, it just sends audio.

Double-check your config.txt settings and post the outputs of:

aplay -L




cat /etc/asound.conf
cat ~/.asoundrc