Pi zero dead?


I recived my pi zero a few days ago, tested it, and worked.But…now its dead I connect it to the charger, and it wont turn on.I checked the sd card, and it works on Rpi 2.
Can i do something?
Or…it is covered by a warranty or something else?


the fact that your SD works on a Pi2 is not an indication of its suitability on a Pi Zero… if unsure, image a fresh SD using the latest Raspbian and see if the Pi has some life in it?


I tryed a few Times, with differenct version of raspbian Jessi and raspbian Jessi lite


It could be all manner of things. Check each part of the system as a whole - for example:

  • is the display working correctly?
  • is the power supply working correctly?
  • is the USB power cable working correctly?
  • is the display cable working correctly?
  • do the connected USB devices show any sign of power/life?

There’s lots of stuff to try on this Raspberry Pi forum article - there is a specific bit for the Pi Zero in the third post down. If you still need help after that, post a photo of your setup and Pi Zero here - this will help people to help you.


I tryed everything, a pizero from my friend is working with my setup.
Do i have any warranty or something else?


The Raspberry is an electronic system. You should be connected to ground to avoid electric shock. (static electricity)

I do the same mistake ;) and I’ve destroyed one of my raspberry.