Pi Zero, NoIR and enviro pHAT

Helloo… or is that Yargh!
I’m curious about a project i’m wanting to do and whether it’s possible or not. It’s quite ambitious as my first pi project with almost no knowledge of python.
in short i’m wanting to know if it’s possible to have a pi zero with NoIR camera and enviro pHAT, the 4 port USB hub and 2 wifi dongles (one as hotspot, the other to access it).
Wanting to show the noir camera with an overlay of the information provided by the enviro (air pressure, temperature etc, compass not important), but i need to make it accessable to view from a mobile phone. the camera will be moved around a lot in different buildings, hence the need for it’s own hotspot to access it through wifi on a phone.
can this be done? already know i’m in waaaay too deep for my knowledge but i think it would be a great way to learn. Jump in head first and try to swim.

any help or suggesions would be greatly appreciated. haven’t got the kit yet, my pi and noir is in the post, and enviro are out of stock at the minute.

for the curious ones amongst the group, it will be used in paranormal investigateions. We can’t tell a computer how to find a ghos, but we can detect changes in the environment that may be a link to something out of the ordinary.

There are quite a few moving part for this project, but sure it’s all doable I believe:

  1. text overlays using picamera


  1. posting pics from python

It really depends what you want to do, saving pics to a directory and serving it to a network at the end of a set period of time or session should be relatively easy using SimpleHTTPServer… if you want it to be dynamically updated that is probably going to be more tricky.

  1. separate WiFi adapters and networks

I’m not sure why you would require the Pi to access the outside world, by your description you only need the Pi in AP mode? Either way, not done it myself but I believe it’s possible.

… sorry these are just vague pointers and reflections, but I thought it might at least give you some starting point to check out how the pieces of your jigsaw might fit together!