Pi3 and 480x320 3.5" TFT

I would love to team the 480x320 3.5" TFT screen with a Raspberry Pi 3 but I’m not sure if the TFT Case will fit a Pi3…

…Can anyone advise?

Many thanks

It would fit, but you’d have a hard time getting the SD card in and out. The main change to the Pi 3 PiBow, other than ventilation, is a recessed portion that helps you grasp the now unsprung SD card.

In that case (excuse the pun)…if I ordered a Pi3 PiBow and the TFT PiBow (actually out of stock right now) could I use the bottom layers of the Pi3 PiBow and just the top layers of the TFT PiBow?

Not having used a pi and thinking of a pi3, fitting a screen on it looks useful, the 3.5" is the biggest, if this pibow case is tight for the sd card, what other cases are suitable? i have seen an ‘official’ red/white pi3 case - is that any good?

I don’t see any reason why using a TFT PiBow hybridized with a Pi3 PiBow wouldn’t work, apart from it looking somewhat ugly.

Most other cases wont enclose the TFT screen, since they’re just not designed for it.

My go-to display is still the RoboPeak 2.8" USB one because it leaves the GPIO completely free for other things, and can be mounted away from the Pi: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/2-8-usb-tft-touch-display-screen-for-raspberry-pi-v2

It doesn’t have a stupendously fast refresh rate ( 16fps in my modules by default iirc ) but it’s great for a python UI or some graphical project control.

Also be aware of the potential for increased heat from the Pi 3 in which case being able to mount the display further away than the GPIO pins allow may be beneficial.