PIBow Versions

Would anyone happen to remember which Pi’s fit the Pibows with codes PIM118 and PIM340.

hello, found this info with a google search ,


Oh yes I had already found the same links, but wasn’t sure how accurate that was.

I would trust them.and there Pi numbers

Ok will do thank you very much!

Usually its that one layer that looks kind of like a crossword puzzle that will mess you up. That first layer that goes on top of the Pi. As far as I know its not that big a deal on a 3B, 3B+ etc.
On the Pi Zero’s its very version specific. You can’t put a Zero in a Zero W Pibow and vise versa. Not without some cutting with say a dremel. Been there done that, not that big a deal really, if your like me and too cheap to buy a new case lol. ;)
I do believe the newer Pi 3B+ Pibow cases are made to be backwards compatible with the older models. If you have one of the original older ones it may need some minor modifications to fit a 3B+ in etc.