Picade 10" 2020 - issues

Hi, just finished building a picade 10 inch (with a raspberry pi 4), and I have a few issues, so not sure what went wrong as I followed tutorial by the book…

  • I cannot plug a usb joypad or it won’t allow screen to work properly. If I have just the display plugged on the USB ports of the raspberry, then it works, but if I add another device on the USB ports of the raspberry, screen turns off. I have a 5V/3A cable so everything is fine on that side… not sure what to do… Not a showstopper for me as I am currently powering the screen to a power bank, which allows me to use USB ports of the raspberry to plug the joypad, in order to do original setup for joystick and buttons, which brings me to the next issue.

  • Joystick and buttons are not recognized even after performing initial setup through curl https://get.pimoroni.com/piecadehat etc…
    Everything works ok, seems setup is done correctly, but when I reboot no gamepad detected, and pressing any button will not allow the detection… I double checked the wiring and everything seems ok, I don’t think there is a specific way to plug the spades on the buttons, I can use either spade and plug it on either of the two metal parts on the button ? Same for joystick there is not much place for an error, I plugged the white part on it and the other part of the wire on the picade PCB, respecting the recommendations.

  • No sound. I double checked and speakers are connected properly (red wire on +, black wire on -). The sound is at 50% on the screen settings, and in Retropie the sound card seems recognized… but no sound…

Pretty sure I did something wrong but cannot figure out what, and I am not a specialist…
Thanks in advance for your help ! :-)

After checking further and trying several retropie images, I was able to find one that is working properly, I have sound and joystick+buttons are now ok

I still have the issue where my screen and a joypad cannot be powered at same time by the raspberry pi 4.

Not such a big issue now that I can use joystick and buttons, however I would like to understand the problem to resolve it.

Tried with different cables and no change, still unable to power both screen and a joypad at same time. On the other hand, plugging a dongle for a wireless keyboard is ok at same time as the screen.
Can anyone confirm if they have the same issue ?