Picade 10" screen - cannot get it to work

I edited the config file with - hdmi_force_hotplug=1
It still doesn’t work.
It only work if the screen is connected to another power supply.

Plus, after booting the Picade says it doesn’t recognize the button pannel. If I connect a keyboard i can set keyboards button (but not the Picade buttons) and cannot press OK at the end.
I cannot get to the Wifi stage as the video says.
Please assist, this is so frustrating.


This may help with some of your issues.

Hi I’m still having the same problem despite some of the suggested solutions , if I can figure it out I’ll advise

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Hi I was just wondering if you got yours working, they replaced the hat but still having same problem

Hi, sadly no, I couldn’t figure out what is the problem :(


Has the picade HAT software been installed with:

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash

That should get the buttons working, if it’s not been installed.

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your reply.
How do I install this file exactly?
I could not get the RaspberryPii connect to the interenet, I cannot get to the Wifi stage as you say in the video.

Thanks a lot,

Connect a USB keyboard to your Pi, and connect to Wi-Fi in the RetroPie menu.
Press F4 to exit to the terminal and then type
curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash to run the Picade HAT installer.

I connect a keyboard, plug in the Pi, after the key selection I cannot continue, I cannot arrive to the WIFI step.
What should I do?

Press F4 to exit to the terminal
Then run raspi-config .
In there you need to set your country / local etc, country timezone etc.
Once you do that the WIFI should be unlocked so you can set it up.

Since the Picade screen (and 2 others) stopped displaying completely, I formatted and reinstalled the Retrocade and uncommented the hdmi_force_hotplug=1. Now the screen is working!!
The whole WIFI thing does not work, could not get into the menu and with code line it did not connect either.
I connected a network cable (why no one has mentioned this simple option before?) and downloaded the hat driver successfully.

I will try and remember the Ethernet option for the next guy. This isn’t the first time this has cropped up where the WIFI is locked out until the local is setup in raspi-config.
I run into a similar issue when I setup my Motion Eye Cameras. They look for a network connection on boot first up and just keep rebooting until they get one. My attempts at putting a wpa suplicant file on the SD card always fail. So in the end, I just plug in an ethernet cable, then SSH in and setup my WIFI, then untether. It’s a bit of a pain but it gets me to where I want to go setup wise.

Hi Guys
I finally got everything working. so what I think helped was:

  1. the HAT was replaced by Pimoroni , so original one may have be faulty
  2. I double checked that the wires were connected to the button, some were loose
  3. When emulation station comes up it says no controller detected, but that was misleading as I moved the joystick to up motion and it detected it

after that managed to install some mame games , which was a bit of a mission in irself as you need to get a rom set with the right emulator version
hope that helps

Hi martyb,
In which folder do you place the mame roms? Is it a built in emulator?
I couldn’t figure it out?

theres a mame folder under the roms folder, as mentioned above its a bit tricky as you need to make sue the roms you get match that emulator

I don’t have such folder. I have “arcade” folder which is the closest I could think of.
Is it possible I don’t have that imulator? If so, how do I add it?

On my system it was the ‘arcade’ folder. The roms go in there, then when you launch a game for the first time you pick the appropriate emulator from the list shown.

For anyone having problems running games, I recommend the RetroPie web site, in particular the Docs section.