Picade board keyboard mappings



I understand that the Picade board uses the ATmega32U4 controller to pretend to be a keyboard (correct me if I’m wrong) but what are the default key mappings of the software? Anyone know?

I kind of figured out that ESC and ENT on the board are escape and enter (duh) but whats the 1UP? How does that work? How about the volume controls? Any insight into how they work (they don’t seem to do anything on mine, but I’m getting sound via the HDMI cable and TV so maybe that’s normal).

What keys to the joystick buttons map to?

Any tips on reprogramming all this? I’m interested in adding a second controller (https://learn.adafruit.com/usb-snes-gamepad/).



The Picade sketch, the source to the default firmware your Picade was shipped with, is available for all to see, modify and customise here: https://github.com/pimoroni/Picade-Sketch/blob/master/Picade/Picade.ino

You can find the default key mappings at the top:

  { KEY_UP_ARROW,    UP     },

  { KEY_LEFT_CTRL,   BTN_1  },
  { KEY_LEFT_ALT,    BTN_2  },
  { ' ',             BTN_3  },
  { KEY_LEFT_SHIFT,  BTN_4  },
  { 'z',             BTN_5  },
  { 'x',             BTN_6  },

  { 's',             START  },
  { 'c',             COIN   },
  { KEY_RETURN,      ENTER  },
  { KEY_ESC,         ESCAPE },

The items on the left are either a key constant ( used for non-printable characters ) or a single character 'c'. You can find a list of available constants here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/KeyboardModifiers


Great, thanks very much :)