Picade Console -- Audio issues (Reposted from Picade)

( its my second day on the forum here… I made a post in Picade asking for help but I’m not sure if that will get me some support so I’m reposting it here. I apologize in advance if I’ve broken any rules)

Hey folks… Relatively long time user of RetroPie on RPi 2 and 3 B.

I was very excited when I discovered this place and Picade Console. Really great little piece of kit

I followed the build instructions completely, everything booted. Did a full install from scratch as per the recommendations. The important point is at this point I knew i had sound.

Running latest retropie 4.4 (fully updated as well)

Once I ran the pimoroni script installation step I lost ALL sound. HDMI, 3.5mm – nothing!

A quick point – i didnt bother installing the on board speaker because quite honestly i didnt care for it. I really only will be playing where I have sound through the TV or through a 3.5mm speaker hookup. (So that is not a reasonable workaround for me)

I have no idea at this point how to even debug this and would appreciate some help. I’ve never had this kind of problem before.

… also one final point, I did do a full re-install as well. Same thing – installed, had sound, ran pimoroni install script, lost all sound.