Picade driving us MAD!

My son and I are now on our second build of the Picade, as the first one did not work at all.
We are using a Pi4 and have the 10" Picade model this time.
We followed all instructions, and were then left completely high and dry, unable to do anything.

After HOURS of googling…

We figured out how to add the Pi4 to the Wi-Fi,
We found that there is a one line installation script (curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash) that was supposed to work… It hasn’t.

Since loading that,
…the screen went to 25% of the size it was, we fiddled and managed to get the screen back full size.

The biggest two issues we now face are:

We CANNOT get the cabinet to recognise the JOYSTICK or BUTTONS, prior to installing the curl script, we could at least configure some buttons on an external keyboard -


Now when we plug in the keyboard, the screen turns off, like there is enough power in the Pi4 to power the tiny keyboard.

So as a result, we now have our second Picade cabinet, only able to display a blank Retropie screen, which cannot even be configured, or used…

It is SO frustrating - this shouldn’t be this hard?!

Please, if there is anyone out there who can help, it will re-install our sanity.

Thank you…

I don’t own one, just so you know.
Have you looked at and or tried any of these?
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