Picade PCB connection old controler failed

I tried to build a arcade with my old Joystick connected to a 15 pin gameport (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_port). I connected the 4 buttons and the 4 axis of the joystick with the Picade PCB. The Picade is connected USB to an Raspi 3. Did the Joystick need 5 V (I connect pin 1 to GPIO1 ?).
Problem: Retropie did not detect the Joystick.

I’ve only a basic understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish here, since I don’t possess any game port joysticks, and have never tried to use them, but is it just the joystick that’s failing to detect? IE: The X/Y axis. Do buttons function as you expect them to?

It looks like the X and Y axis of the Joystick are the center pole of a 100k Ohm variable resistor. Picade should support this with the latest firmware.

no XY axis, no buttons

You can verify that the Picade PCB itself is behaving by using the ends of a male to male jumper jerky to short any one of the button connections to ground.

As for the rest- I don’t know enough about Game Port to be of much use. You should double-check your wiring against a Game Port schematic, and probably liberally employ a multi-meter.

From looking over schematics myself, it appears like at least the buttons should work; but since the Picade PCB was never designed with Game Port in mind, your mileage may vary.