Picade Player X incorrect joystick values

Hi all, I’m a game designer & programmer working on a Unity project and I’m trying to set up a Picade Player X board and a Joystick & 6 buttons for the input for the project. My problem is thus:

The joystick gives me odd input values which are not usable in Unity as follows: (I can only post 1 image as a new user)

Things I’ve tried:

  • I have confirmed the 6 buttons work correctly
  • I have tried 2 joysticks, both give exactly the same values
  • I have plugged the joystick into the board right-way-up & upside down. When upside down only the left works
  • I have tested the old & new input systems in new unity projects, on 2 separate Windows PC’s and get the same values
  • I have tested 2 different USB cables, both of which work with other devices and got the same values
  • I have tested multiple USB ports on both Windows PCs and got the same values

My thinking at this stage is there is something wrong/ miscalibrated with the board? Has anyone else had this problem & should I just buy a new board?