Picade power button and volume control not working


Hi, I’ve just built a Picade 8" and have it working but at deafening volume. Also my power button seems to have no effect when i try to shutdown.

The error message I get when trying to configure audio is from the RetroPie configuration menu is:

ALSA lib control.c:1373:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL plughw
lv10: VolumeControl::init() = Failed to attach to default card!

The power button doesnt seem to work at all, no light either.

Any help gratefully appreciated!




If I run alsamixer from the cmd line then I get : " This sound device does not have any controls." printed in the centre of the screen.


I fixed the problem for myself by trying a clean install of retropie and reapplying the picadehat install.