Picade shows a blank screen after I've installed the Picade HAT software

Ahoy there!

I’ve built my new 8 inch Picade and it’s a really lovely thing.

But I’ve got stuck after I installed the Picade HAT software but typing curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash at the command line.

Now when my Picade powers up it scrolls through some text stuff on the screen then at the point where I think Retropie should be trying to launch it just shows a blank screen. It’s definitely on, there’s just nothing on the display.

For info I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 with the latest Retropie version installed.

Any suggestions for what I should do now?

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I have the exact problem with a new 10 inch build, did you solve it in anyway?
Thank You

Hi Lorenzo - nothing yet. One of the support Ninjas replied to my email between Christmas and New Year asking for more info. I’m hoping for a reply once the back to work rush is over.

Hi James,
I have solved on my own, Did you check the hdmi port you use? you must connect your monitor to the nearest one to the power usb-c port

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That’s done it - thanks!

We are having same issues