PICADE - X Hat- Buttons + Joystick not detecting


Weird. Could you post a photo of the Picade X HAT from the back, please?



What’s that other thing plugged in?


It is a led, but I put it today. I had the problems before plugging it


Maybe the conections are bad positioned? I dont have another explanation


Just a wild guess: could there be a short inside the power button, between the led contacts and the button contacts, messing with the power shutdown?
You could unplug the led cable from the picade hat and try again.

It’s just a guess.


As I was really struggling to get the buttons of my New Picade working, esp. the coin/select button for Arcade games, I have made the following table and graphic to show the buttons and their mappings in Retropie/Emulationstation and in RetroArch.
Please note that for the buttons in the graphic the keys after the “/” are the ones to be used in the corresponding retroarch.cfg file for either all emulators for for specific ones (i.e. arcade or nes etc.).
Hope that helps you to identify the correct buttons.
FYI: I have hooked up the Select button to the “coin” connection and the Start button to the “1up” connector on the X-Hat, as described in the video tutorial available in YouTube.

Button mapping

Thanks Rob-

This is super helpful, as was your previous debugging posts in trying to resolve my original problem as well.

I finally got around to starting a clean img from scratch and appears everything is functioning correctly now. I think thats a confirmation that theres issues using pre-existing images built on older versions of retropie, even if you upgrade those images to the lastest. For whatever reason it appears something isn’t getting updated that is critical to getting the GPIO inputs to pass over into emulation station.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in getting this stuff up and running.


Ho lucatony. I am a beginner in linux. I have the same problem with not detecting the Joystick and buttons.
Can you explane to me wat reinstalling the gpio is?


Sorry for the delayed reply, I think in this case it was just a matter of taking the Picade X HAT off the Pi, then putting it back on again and making sure it was seated properly.


And after a few months, again I have the same problem, when I turn off the pi it freeze on a reebot screen , but it doestn turn off properly. The screen continues on…what can I do?