Pico Display Pack - No network?

I have the Pico Display Pack which works splendidly with the custom micro python UF2 provided. But that does not include the network library, which I need in order to be able to set the time via ntp on power-up.

Is there no library for the Pico Display Pack that I can add to the official Raspberry Pi micro python firmware?


If you have a Pico W use the Pico W uf2 file. It also has the display pack etc libraries.

Many thanks for the quick response. Silly me! Being very new to the Pico I hadn’t realised that there would be two versions of the firmware.

HOWEVER: I’ve now got the correct firmware installed and any attempt to use the display results in a screen full of noise, even using Pimoroni’s own example micro python code. Any ideas why?


Might be a glitch in the new 1.19.17 release? Maybe try 1.19.16?

Yes, 1.19.16 is OK - thanks for the suggestion!

What’s the procedure for reporting bugs?


I think we might have already found this one - you could keep an eye on this issue though? Pico Display 2.0 Button Test · Issue #720 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

There were some big changes to how memory is allocated in 1.19.17, apparently!

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Yeah, issues like that (the second one ;) ) are better reported on the github page.

Thanks hel, Much appreciated.


Some new builds here you could try :)

Thanks hel. It’ll be a couple of days before I can test the new release - my test bed is busy collecting a week’s worth of diagnostic data and I don’t want to disturb it…

Just to let you know - the latest release has solved my display problem.

Thanks again.

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