Pico display - which way up?

I’ve just received a Raspberry Pi Pico and a Pico Display. I’m looking at the Pimoroni Pico Display page and the pinouts seem to suggest that the display mounts underneath the Pico (the side opposite to the Micro USB connector). Looking at the Pico from the top with the MicroUSB connector at the top pin 40 is on the right. Looking at the Pico Display from the top pin 40 is on the left. However, looking at the photo of the display attached to a Pico with a MicroUSB cable attached it looks like it’s mounted on the top of the Pico (the side with the MicroUSB connector) judging by the side of the MicroUSB cable connector that is visible. Can anyone help?

If you look at the back side of the Pico display you will see a USB port symbol silk screened on one end. The Pico’s USB port goes on that end and lines up with the symbol.

Hey, thanks a lot for the reply, I should have mentioned that I’ve already aligned the USB symbol. My question is not about the rotation of the display but the side of the Pico that it attaches to, top (like a hat) or bottom. If I had to guess I’d say top, but the pin labelling on the Pimoroni webpage suggests otherwise.

Ok, I’m with you now. The pins go out the bottom / back of the Pico. The Pico plugs into the back of the display and will be component side up / viewable to you. Seems backwards compared to an Arduino etc but thats how it goes.
From the product page.
Your Pico will need to have male headers soldered to it (with the pins pointing downwards) to attach to our add-on boards.

It does seem backwards, but I think if the headers are soldered on the other way up you would have some difficulty in accessing the BOOTSEL switch with a board in place (or if you then put the pico on a breadboard).

The thing that really confused me was the pictures of the USB cable going to the Pico. It looks like the display must be on top in those pictures as you can see the “USB” lettering and the retaining clips on the metal surround.