PICO Explorer - remove screen from board?

Hi All - I’m a first timer here. :)

I’d like to know if it’s possible to remove the LCD screen from the PICO Explorer without causing any damage? If so, what connectors would I need to reconnect to the PICO?

I’m working on a project - I have nailed the setup using a PICO explorer and some other peripherals. Now I’d like to shrink the components down to smallest possible size.


Ahoy! The connector on the Explorer screen just pops in and out, it’s getting the screen unstuck from the PCB that’s likely to be a bother (that tape is STICKY). We’ve had best results removing screens by melting the glue with a hair-dryer, and then prising the screen and board apart with something like a credit card, but the screens don’t always survive the process!

I’d probably use a LCD breakout if it were me - this is the one we use on Pico Explorer. Currently 45% off!

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Posting a list of what you have now may help with suggestions for a final more compact setup.

The Tufty for example has a built in screen, buttons, and access to i2c, etc. And 4 mounting holes. The RP2040 is built in, makes for a nice slim setup.

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Thanks - I ordered another screen and the project is up & running without the Explorer board.

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I do that sort of thing all the time. Mostly Breakout Garden setups I use to get my code up and running. Then move the breakouts to a more permanent setup on Proto Boards etc.

I like being able to plug the breakouts in, no soldering required, for setup and testing. I have Breakout Garden Hats for Pi and Pico. And the Pimoroni Breakouts can be used in both.