Pico Firmware Problem

have a Pico and Pico Explorer that I’ve flashed with [Version 0.3.0 - MicroPython v1.17] from your Git page.

I’m tying to run the SGP30 demo script from here - pimoroni-pico/demo.py at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

Thonny just keep telling me “ImportError: no module named ‘sgp30’”

I get the same error when trying to run the [demo_bmp280.py] file as well.

I thought your custom firmware contained the Python modules for your hardware?

What is the interpreter in thonny set to?
Lower right hand corner, it should say MicoPython Raspberry Pi Pico.

I had the same problem, but after using Pimoroni uf2 file it worked fine.

also Make sure that the breakout is inserted the right way round, with the sensors on the pico side of the board.

Im using a BME 680

Since you are using a Pimoroni display it will be worth updateing to the latest UF2 – 1.18(2) – and get the corruption fix.