PicoSystem and CircuitPython

I recently bought a PicoSystem and put CircuitPython 7.0 on it which works fine with Mu on Windows - I can see the “hello world” message appear.

I tried using the Stage tutorial but it seems ugame and stage are missing from my system - so I wondered where I’d get the from?

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Are you using the PicoSystem CircuitPython image? As I understand it, ugame and stage need to be compiled into the CircuitPython image (you can’t install them via the driver bundle), but if you’re using the PicoSystem uf2 that should have been done for you.

Yes, I downloaded the CircuitPython 7 image, where do I get the PicoSystem uf2 from?

Sorry, wasn’t very clear there - too early!

If you download CircuitPython from the PicoSystem page linked in my last post it should include ugame and stage.

That’s the problem - CircuitPython for PicoSystem 7.0 doesn’t include ugame and stage - I get errors when I try to include them

Hmm, interesting, I’ll give it a try.

Aha - looks like the necessary display stuff hasn’t yet made it into the version of CircuitPython you get when you click the ‘stable’ button, try this one from ‘absolute newest’.

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Thanks! That got it going.

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