Piglow supported on Raspberry Pi 3 B?

My Pi 2 B gave up the ghost and I ordered a Pi 3 B.
Will my Piglow work in the 3 B?


You might need to adjust timings in your code, although it’s less pronounced from the 2 to the 3, the speed bump will make some things noticeably faster depending on how you handle timing/delays.

My scripts don’t seem to work with the RPI 3B.
I was using shell scripts to call the piglow executable.
I don’t see any light activity and don’t get any error messages.


1by1 - Start each leg from the center, one by one.

trap “piglow all 0;exit” SIGINT SIGTERM
piglow all 0
while true;do
for i in 0 1 2;do
for j in 5 4 3 2 1 0;do
piglow led $i $j 1
sleep .5
sleep 1
piglow all 0

Is i2c enabled on your Pi? What do you see when you ls /dev/i2c-*?

Also see the notes at the bottom of this page: http://wiringpi.com/dev-lib/piglow/

Thanks! The piglow c program in the wiringPi package was what I needed! After compiling it, my PiGlow is glowing with my scripts again! I had saved a tar file of my scripts, but didn’t make note of where the piglow executable came from.

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