Pirate Radio Problems

I have a pirate radio and it works, but it stops playing after about 10 to 12 hours.

Just that one station, or any station? Mine glitches every once in a while, the stream stops. Well I think that’s what happens. If I switch to another station / channel it starts playing music again.

Yes, just one web station for a local radio promotion.

I don’t know enough about the innards of how it works to suggest what to look for. @gadgetoid may know some commands to run from terminal that may help. Have you tried hitting pause twice, or switching stations then switching back?

I suspect this will be virtually impossible to replicate or track down, but it could be anything from an internet connectivity issue to a memory leak in VLC (it eats memory until it runs out and baulks) or some other factor.

You could look back through /var/run/vlcd/vlcd.log to see if you find any corresponding errors, or check this file when it next fails.

Thank you for you help. I will look at the log.

Any joy?

I can’t find any command-line switches that obviously relate to recovering after network/stream glitches, I may have to find a way to fake disconnections and see what happens.