Plasma 2040 3D Printed Case

Here is my design for a snap together 3D printed case for tyhe Pimoroni Plasma 2040.

Pimoroni Plasma 2040 Case w/Buttons by CSW2 - Thingiverse

This case has a hole for a light pipe to bring the on-board LED out of the case. The light pipe hole is designed for P/N 492-1154-ND from Digi-Key, a PLP2-500 12.7mm light pipe.

The case also has holes for four buttons to provide access to the on-board switches.

The Plasma snaps onto the posts in the base. It may be a tight fit initially, but the board stays in place. The base then fits into the top.

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That looks great - love the light pipe! I’ve installed a Plasma 2040 on the back of my bike for some festive lighting and could do with something to stop it from rattling around :)

This turned out really nicely - like how securely it snaps together!

Is it OK if we tweet about it @CSW ? Let me know if you have a Twitter account I can @

That looks like a very good print. Better than mine!

I am fine with you tweeting about it. I am solfaun (Sick of looking For A User Name) on Twitter.