Power button on PiCade Console: 5 connectors?

The power button on my new Picade Console has 5 connectors, but the instructions only describe 4 connectors. How should I connect the wires to this?
There are 2 connectors on the edges of the button, I’m assuming that these are the ones that should be connected to the ‘On’ utility button.
The other 3 connectors are oriented at right angles to the previous 2, down the middle. The legend between these connectors is:
How should the power wires be connected to these connectors?

NC stands for Normally Closed
C stands for Common
NO stands for Normally Open

By default the NC terminal is connected to the C terminal.
Press the button and it switches to the NO being connected to C terminal.
Release it and it goes back to NC connected to C.

NO and C are the ones you use for the Power on off signal. The other two edge terminals are for illumination…

OK, this is very helpful.

To clarify: should NC and C be connected to the ON utility connector, and the two outside connectors be connected to the power button LED connectors? Does it matter which of the two LED connectors is connected to which?

(This wiring is completely different from what is described in the building instructions for the Picade Console, which is why I’ve been confused.)

Thanks again.

There’s instructions for how to wire up the new metal button in the full Picade tutorial: Assembling your 8" or 10" Picade with PICO-8

I need to update the Picade Console tutorial to match - sorry that I haven’t got there yet! I’ll nudge it up my to do list :)

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The Console tutorial should hopefully be a bit more helpful now, though we could still do with updating the photos to show the USB-C version of the Picade X HAT.