Premade Retropie Image for Picade


I’ve been looking around Youtube and there are a lot of Retropie PI images to download and use, ranging from 8gb up to +32gb.

Has anyone here a one that they advise to use with your picades? Just want to have it the most optimization of it I can get - mostly due to my lousy pi3 settings management skills…



I got mine from the Retropie website




I would also go for the stock image as it will be up to date and you don’t know what other people are putting in images you download from elsewhere.

There is not much you need to do aside from download the retropie image and install the picadehat.

Instructions for that are at the bottom of this page

I do overclock some of my pi3’s for 32bit and 64bit era games. But that’s with a cooling fan and heat sinks and I only recommend doing that if you know what you are doing as all Pi’s will differ in what they can handle.

Is there anything in particular you were worried about?


I also avoid the images that are on offer just because I don’t trust them. That said I can see how they would save a ton of time in setting up. Finding all the roms, putting them in the right place and scraping art work is seriously time consuming. I’ve done a couple of Pi Emulator projects and always just use a copy of the SD card from my first project 😜


Sorry for the late reply!

I will do the picadehat install, thanks :)

My usual problem is that after a while, for whatever reason, the settings in the picade seem to change. For example, the emulators don’t run in full screen (black bands show on the sides, on the top, or both), or I can’t seem to get the mame emulators running properly.

When I asked this was mostly out of curiosity since I wanted to try out a recalbox image that I found, and after researching a bit, seemed credible enough to try out.

I think retropie is really cool, but, needs far too much messing around than I’d prefer to… So I was looking for alternatives :)


Try All the work has been done for you in some cases.


No - they distribute copyrighted games with RetroPie. I advise against it. You also don’t know what else has been done to the images. You will also get no help from the RetroPie team if you run into problems.