Problem with flashing rp2040 stamp


double click the reset button or booting while pressed is only connecting the same storage where the py files are located.

the board is now running adafruit circuitpython 7.1.0 beta. and i wish to flash higher version as this one has many bugs.

thank you

Boot Select is Pin 40, what happens if you ground that pin (momentarily) while booting up?
RP2040 Stamp (

40 BOOTSEL Input If driven LOW during power-up, the RP2040 will enter USB
boot mode.
Pulled UP with a 10K resistor.

Indeed; I notice the “double tap” thing is described as “needing firmware support”, but nothing about which firmware supports it so I’d be inclined to do it the ‘proper’ bootsel way.

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that worked !

thank you

will test now if this actually resolved my issues.

thanks, again.


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