Problem with pHAT DAC in Stretch


Pulse is no longer included in Stretch. It has been replaced by bluealsa. It is possible the bluealsa is preventing access to the pHAT DAC?



It seems unlikely. What problems are you seeing accessing pHAT DAC?

I’ve tested/run DAC products on Stretch a few times without issue, but there suddenly seem to be quite a few problems being reported. I wonder what’s changed!


Thanks for getting back to me.

I described my problem in a post a couple of days ago - trying to use pHAT DAC with I’ve been struggling with it for days and in the end, I gave up and went back to Jessie. I’m simply trying to establish where the problem might be.


I’m not sure yet, but there have definitely been a few reports of DAC weirdness in Stretch that I’ve been unable to replicate myself. These may well be related to Pulse, which is installed alongside the DAC setup for various reasons.


Thanks. Jessie seemed to work “out of the box” with no difficulties. I still had problems with a volume control but I solved that with the Softvol plugin.

I love the DAC but it really needs a simple volume control solution. Perhaps include it in the pHAT DAC setup script - or at least offer a solution on the product’s page?

Thanks again for your input.