Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb Rainbow case issue


I have a Raspbery Pi 4 4Gb and bought your excellent rainbow case for it. I have now upgraded to an 8Gb version. I tried to put the case onto the 8Gb it does not fit because the components next to the Ethernet port have changed.

Are you aware of the change to the layout on the 8Gb and have you changed the design to accommodate this? Before I buy another case.


Hi Alistair

Yes, we’ve adjusted layer 3 for the 8GB changes.

It was a very slight adjustment though - we’ve found it’s possible to get one of the old layer 3s to fit an 8GB with a bit of careful wiggling. A new one will fit better though :)


Hi H,

Thank you for getting back to me about this. I’ll stick a new case on my wish list. I’m a software person, and every time I try a bit of hardware it does not work out so well. :(


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Hi Alistair,

If you drop an email into support we’ll get one of the updated layers sent out for you :)