Raspi doesn´t install easy installer updates (piglow)

I downloaded, and started the “easy installer” by typing in:
curl -sS get.pimoroni.com/piglow | bash.
I did that several times, also with a Raspi1, and another Raspi2.
I²C is enabled.

Every time the programm stopped, while updating apt indexes, and told me:
Apt failed to update indexes!

Can somebody tell me, what am I doing wrong, or is the update-server down?

Thank you, for your help

can you post the output of sudo apt-get update here?

in the meantime though, try:

curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/piglow | bash -s - "-y"

Hi RogueM,
I typed sudo apt-get update. Then the raspi got some updates, and after a while, things went crazy. I got several kernel warnings, and the pi was stucked. While restarting it, I got many memory warnings, and it didn´t boot completly. So I decided to reinstall raspian.

After that, the pi got the actual updates and your curl- command.
Now everything works fine, and beside me sits a, wild blinking raspi!

Thanks a lot for your help!