Recently ordered Picade

Got it all put together but when powered screen is white with a hashed capitol M in the upper right corner

I guess I am missing something?

first of several go throughs found and attached picade wires that came loose

but not seeing loose now any pointers would be appreciated…thanks

I have now tested and had success on another monitor and now screen is blue with m on itdid I need to make the change to boot settings somehow?


Have you set the hdmi_force_hotplug setting to 1 in /boot/config.txt? This forces HDMI output, even if no display is detected at startup. This is needed for Picade because everything powers on at the same time.

I have not but wonder why I should need to cause i used the hdmi port to power the external display with no issues

Sigh…ok feeling stupid, thought since it went fine through hdmi it should still work, I was wrong its booting fine now, thanks

HDMI is a weird-un on the Pi. If the Pi doesn’t detect an HDMI display upon boot it will, by default, fall back to analog video out. If the display is powered from one of the Pi’s USB ports then it will not be running by the time the Pi does that detection so it wont be detected. Using hdmi_force_hotplug tells the Pi to use HDMI output no matter what.

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