"Recovered from over-current" and other oddities

Hi everyone

Is anyone else seeing “# recovered from over-current” returned by their flotilla? It seems to be when I have my Rainbow plugged in. I’m using the Flotilla plugged in to an Ubuntu laptop rather than a RPi, and am talking to it directly via Python rather than using the daemon and rockpool. That said, I’ve not seen this message before after a month or so of hacking in this manner, so I’m concerned I have a new hardware issue. Should I be worried?

Also, my colour sensor seems to be very blue biased - so much so that the value returned for the ‘blue’ filter is frequently higher than the value returned by ‘clear’. Have i misunderstood what’s being returned (or is https://gadgetoid.gitbooks.io/flotilla-protocol/content/colour.html incorrect)?



There shouldn’t be anything to worry about with a “recovered from over-current” message, most people wont even see it since Rockpool doesn’t raise those messages up the user.

The Flotilla dock has a 1.2A current limit, beyond which it will cut off the power supply to modules to prevent potential damage to the host computer. ( granted in most cases the computer would have a similar limit and cut off anyway! )

That message indicates that it’s gone into and out of an over-current state. A rainbow module shouldn’t get anywhere near drawing that kind of current, though, so it’s definitely curious!

As for your colour sensor- it definitely shouldn’t output any values higher than clear. It’s possible that it’s faulty in some way.