Retropie won't boot [SOLVED]


So, as of yesterday night, without any noticeable change to the setup, my Pi2/retropie has failed to boot. Consistently.

Even with reformatting the card and rewriting the disk image. I’ve considered that this could be sign of a corrupted sd card, so I got a new one, but the issue persists! Swapped usb pen drives too - and I think it’s more related to that in particular -, but it still happens.

It just displays the following text:
what(): boost::filesystem::create_directory: No space left on device: “/home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/amstradcpc”


Wuuh? That’s the error you’d see if… well… you ran out of storage space on the SD card.

What’s on the USB pen drive? I have a suspicion that RetroPie tries to copy everything from an external USB card to its internal folders. So if you have too many ROMs queued up on your USB drive then it’ll run out of space.

I guess subsequent attempts to boot trip the same copy operation and the same problem? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


As far as i could tell, it was derived from me extracting rom zip files inside the 64gb pen drive when it was connected to my pc.
Since I completely reformatted both micro sd and pen drive, and later recreating the filesystems (and placing the the already uncompressed roms in their folders), everything started to work perfectly.

Maybe some “trash” data conflict? Anyway, learned to be more careful about this in the future!, but, wanted to share this little event for reference sake :)


I wonder who will be the first to connect a whole external hard drive to Retropie and set it up to boot from there :D


Is that a challenge…?
You do know that I’m noob enough to try to pull that one, right? :D

Also, quick question, I got a blue arduino pcb in my kit from modmypi, isn’t the red one the retail version?

I’m asking this because I’m trying to figure out if it’s important to update the firmware and I know that there’s a diference between the two.


The retail version is now blue, due to a communication glitch. It looks good in blue though! And a bit less Soviet.

As far as I know, your firmware should be pretty much up-to-date now, but the latest release includes volume limitation that mitigates some of the brownout problems people have been getting when the poor power supply can’t keep up.

Hopefully there will be a useful update soon- I’m planning more updates and some experiments with HID joystick/gamepad emulation for the N64 crowd.


Looking forward to it!

This is really a nice piece of gear… Loving it more and more as each day passes.

Next month, I’ll try to get a bigger screen and look around for whatever solutions people are using for the power supply.