RPi3 SD card reader (mmc) issue



My two brand new RPi3, supposed to join my existing 3 * RPi2B cluster, fail to boot.

I am using the latest Hypriot OS (as I use the RPi for Docker demonstrations).

The boot sequence shows the following error: timeout waiting for hardware interrupt mmc0 and then several mmcblk0: error -110 transferring data sector ... errors until the boot sequence stalls because it can’t read the SD.

Using the same SD on my colleague’s RPi3 works: the boot completes and a DHCP address is retrieved.
Using his (working) card on my RPi3 fails.

This is why I come to the conclusion that the SD reader is defect of both devices.

Bad contacts ? (astonishing for a microSD) Any other idea ?



have you tried a regular Raspbian imaged SD to confirm failure?

perhaps it is then possible for you to work around the issue (whatever it might be) following these instructions:




I retried (carefully) a 2016-03-18-raspbian-jessie-lite. I re-formated the SD carefully as FAT and then flashed it with the Hypriot “flash” utility.

And the RPi booted up to the login prompt \o/ (didn’t try further)

So this means that the Hardware is OK.

I will follow you advise and circumvent the Hypriot distribution issue while waiting for the beta to stabilize.

Thank you for your advise and making me re-try the Jessie light carefully.