RPi5 + NVME Shield case recommendation

I have some shiny new RPi5s and will be getting a couple of the NVME shields for them in a few days. I’m trying to figure out two things:

  1. Best case option
  2. Best cooling option (factors into #1)

Any advice, suggestions, etc., appreciated.

I have the same question, any recommendations for type case when using Rpi 5 official cool and NVMe base?
Wonder if standard cases will work…

Edit, found only this in posts : Printables

Or Printables

Found this at Makerworld link

Everything fits, but the person who remixed it didn’t lower the side snap clips so the case doesn’t snap shut. :-(

Just looked again, and apparently the clips were fixed by the remixer. I’m printing the top plate again and I’ll post how that turned out.

Also this one: link

I was going to suggest the same (your 2nd link) Printables
which is the best I have found. No additional screws or changes to the assembled pi and nvme board and it clips together nicely.

Just completed the print of the remixed top and it perfectly snaps into place. Unless you’re keen on putting an Ice Tower on your RPi, this one seems to be a real keeper!