SAMD51 circuit python not booting

Hi I have a MicroMod SAMD51 DEV-16791 board and am trying to use it with CircuitPython 7.3.1. I can start the board into bootloader mode and then copy the copy the “adafruit-circuitpython-sparkfun_samd51_micromod-en_GB-7.3.1.uf2” file over. it restarts immediately but the circuit python drive does not appear (Windows 10 PC).
I’ve checked the the terminal and received the following message
“Auto-reload is off.
Running in safe mode! Not running saved code.
You are in safe mode because:
CIRCUITPY drive could not be found or created.”

After a lot of searching on Spark fun’s website I can see that there was an issue with the hardware prior to V1.3. For V1.3 the relevant changes to the SPI port definition have been incorporated into the new .uf2 release.

So my question is, the board supplied is it V1.3 or earlier? and is it possible to tell the difference as there doesn’t seem to be any markings.

There must be some way to see the version you have, because people are posting that in troubleshooting threads. No idea how though.

There does seem to be some way to get CircuitPython working on the board, though. You might be better off posting in the Sparkfun forums, you’ll get support from people who know the product line much better from there. That’s very disappointing from Sparkfun though, and from other comments it seems that this isn’t the only board they’ve done things like this with.