Select and start not working

I have a Picade Console.

When configuring joystick/buttons on first start of a disk image emulation station thinks the picade is a keyboard.

When in ROMs the select button does nothing. The start button starts screen recording (and turns off with another press).

I am at my wits end with this. Please help!

A little more detail would have been helpful. Which console do you have, presumably a new one? What image have you installed or the miscroSD card, is it the latest version of RetroPie?

The new Picade X HAT emulates a keyboard, so that’s what Emulation Station thinks it is when you start the Controller config wizard. If the arcade buttons aren’t doing what they should do, you may have have assigned them badly in the wizard. Check the last post in this thread for details on the button assignments:

If you’re still having problems, please reply with as much detail as possible.