Select button not working

The select button don’t work as a insert coin button when i try to play a game.
When I cofigure the buttons in emulationstation the select button gets recognized.
All other buttons functions well. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Ullo! We’ve run into this issue a few times on the forums, and depending on how exactly you’re set up there can be a few different fixes.

Try searching “coin” in the forum search ( and having a look through! Let us know if any issues that aren’t answered here.

I’m assuming this is when you’re in MAME? If so, plug a keyboard into the Pi and load a game, then hit Tab to open up the MAME menu in game, then choose Input (General). You should be able to scroll down to find the insert coin option, hit enter to configure a new key then hit the select key. You can then escape back out until the menu closes, that should save the setting and leave you with the select button configured as you wanted it :)