Sensors and motors for a classroom of Explorer Hat Pro's

I am looking for some advice for what electronics to buy for my classroom’s Explorer Hat Pros to teach Python with, since electronics is not really my area of expertise. I will need to be buying 32+ sets of them, so cost is a factor. I was thinking either PIR, Ultrasonic, or light sensors since they are a couple of quid each, and then (budget permitting) probably motors.

When it comes to sensors and the EHP, how simple would the circuit be? I know motors are just plug and go into the EHP, which is perfect for a classroom of 30+ 11yo’s. I just need something very, very simple that preferably won’t go pop when they plug them in wrong (which is almost guaranteed at some point…!)


Most analog sensors work in tandem with a resistor to make a voltage divider - so that’s super cheap and simple to implement. :-)

Motors are always going to cost a bit more - basically it comes down to how you want to mount them - that informs the format of motor/bracket you need.

It’s not super cheap, but I really love these:

The beauty of an analog distance sensor is that you can just read the analog output ( using an Analog channel on Explorer HAT ) and convert it straight into distance. You don’t need to worry about “pinging” the sensor and timing the response.